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The head previously issued a ban on girls wearing skirts to spare the blushes of male staff. A teenager was sent home from school at the beginning of the new term because teachers said her trousers were "too tight". Harriet Dale, 15, claims she was told her trousers were not suitable to be worn at the school which recently banned skirts to save the blushes of male members of staff.

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The appropriate length for a school skirt has, for generations, been a daily battleground between pupils, teachers and parents. It is practice that has been taken up in recent years by an estimated 60 secondaries in England and Wales, or 1. After a while, it stops being a uniform issue and starts becoming a safeguarding issue.

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These are just a few of the words that could be used to describe a woman's sexual behavior based on her appearance alone, and year-old college freshman Rosea Lake chose to display them starkly -- on a young woman's legs in a photo that has since gone viral. Scroll down to see the image. Lake, who studies graphic design and illustration at Capilano University in Vancouver, never thought she'd become an Internet sensation when she posted her "Judgments" photo project to her Tumblr on January 5th.

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Schoolgirl Eleanor Beale from Letchworth Garden City, Herfordshire, claims she and other girls were told during an assembly that "girls must have their skirts at least knee length whilst taking exams as not to provoke the male invigilators". Miss Beale said: "It is and it isn't right that grown men are dictating the way that young girls should sit during an exam, lest they see a bit of thigh. Why are they bothered by the legs of teenage girls? She added: "Teenage girls should be left to sit the way they want, not made to worry that adult males are looking at them during their exams.

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Jump to navigation Skip navigation. I am like a lot of eighth grade students. I try to do my best in class.

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There is a fact in the fashion of Japan that wearing a miniskirt is a kind of privilege for high school students. This is not an actual special right of coursehowever, many people are conscious that high school students are obsessed with wearing miniskirts in terms of fashion. Wearing short skirts is a traditional culture characteristic of the long-standing tradition of Japanese girls.

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I met a nine-year-old girl the other day who has just been voted on to her student council. With indignant eyes, she explained how all the girls in her school are forced to wear pinafores. The boys can go upside down whenever they like and sit normally in assembly.

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Many schools do have different dress code policies for boys and girls. But some differences in dress codes may not be okay. Such policies could include ones that prohibit girls from wearing yoga pants and leg warmers or boys from having long hair.

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A friend then told me that the chat group for her village were discussing how short the girls skirts are at the local school. This got us to talking. Whose problem is this?

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Because somehow, even if you try your best to adhere to the rules about shorts longer than your fingertips and tank tops being three fingers wide, you've probably had the unfortunate experience of a teacher calling you out for breaking the dress code. If you're tall, leggy, busty, or plus-size, it can be extra-hard to find clothes that adhere to all the rules, and the scrutiny can be extra-intense. And when guys aren't subjected to the same kind of regulations and don't have to spend hours in a mall trying to find a single pair of shorts that are OK for school, it's like