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The discussion of divorce and remarriage among Catholics can be a sensitive issue; there are many misunderstandings of Church teachings in this area. However, few Catholic families remain untouched by the pain and sadness of marital breakup, or the questions raised by the process used to investigate the validity of a previous marriage. Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman which establishes a partnership for life.

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Hi, guys — I don't know if these are really questions about apologetics, yet they are about marriage and what the Church teaches. Thank You! I would appreciate some kind of answer, or maybe you can lead me to someone from whom I can get the information I am seeking.

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Many Catholics, including separated and divorced Catholics themselves, are confused or misinformed about the status of divorced persons in the Catholic Church. As a result of this confusion or misinformation, many divorced Catholics fail to participate as fully as they can in the spiritual and sacramental life of the Church, and many Catholic communities fail to welcome and embrace divorced Catholics as fully as they should. If you are a separated or divorced Catholic, the first thing you should know is that divorced Catholics are not excommunicated from the Church.

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New here? Click here to join! What does the Catholic Church really teach about divorce?

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I also think that I am doing the will of God by practicing what I believe. We all can change our future every day by what we do, how we believe, and making the right choices about our environment and people that we associate with. The beautiful thing about marriage is that it is a free choice.

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Question: Can a Catholic ever marry a divorced non-Catholic? The reason for this is that the Catholic Church recognizes any marriage as valid until proven otherwise. The assumption is that the couple is in good faith and their decision is to be honored.

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Join us each month for a review of a book pertaining to marriage, dating, family life, children, parenting, and all other things For Your Marriage. The Catholic Church is often called a nourishing mother, and those of her children who suffer through a divorce are no less deserving of her guidance and support. God has a unique plan for each person and Duffy asks the reader to be open to discovering that plan. To further the deep, personal evaluation necessary for healing and growth, each chapter ends with both a quiz and reflection questions.

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I am dating a good Catholic man who is divorced and has a son. We were friends through his divorce and starting dating after his divorce was finalized. His ex-wife is hard to deal with for both of us. I love him, but have apprehensions about my ability to deal with this kind of drama.


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